Friday, February 15, 2008

No progress to show

Finally it is the day after Valentine's Day. I'm not anti-Valentine, I'm just happy to take a breather from those women screaming "He went to Jared!" and the cheesy jingle "Every kiss begins with K". These commercials only come in second after those male-enhancement ones* in terms of degree of annoyance. I never understand women's fascination with diamonds. My engagement ring is a tiny diamond solitaire only because Husband said perhaps we should go with the tradition. But anyway, I am enjoying this little break before the next wave of commercial bombardment comes before Mother's Day.

I was not feeling well the whole day yesterday. I didn't sleep really well the night before, so my head was wavering between feeling heavy and having a full-blown headache. At some point, I was afraid that I was going to have a flu. So, I was not really in good condition to knit without making mistakes. Luckily, after a night's good rest, I am good now ... no flu.

I am ready for a wonderful weekend. Hope you are too! :D

*They are the most annoying commercials because:
-they are not seasonal;
-all the actors/actresses in these commercials wear a disgusting smirk on their faces;
-all are painfully long!

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