Monday, February 11, 2008

Let's talk dinner, shall we?

For a few months already, we have switched to a new diet. Not exactly diet, but rather the way we arrange our meals. We have heavier meals during lunch and then lighter ones for dinner. To make the lighter meals that are also filling to the stomach, we have soups. Because of this, we actually consume a lot more fibrous vegetables than before.

I love it! Besides the advantage of vegetable consumption, the preparation of most soups is actually very simple and uses a lot fewer dishes ... so fewer for washing ... who doesn't love that? I have tried recipes from these books:
So far, our favourites are potato-leek soup, split peas soup, broccoli soup, pasta & noodles soup (more my favourite!) and El Torito's tortilla soup. The cook magazine on top is still in circulation and I love the Chicken Fricassee ... it's great! Do you have soup recipes to share?

Back to knitting. I finished a couple of squares for the Great American Afghan over the weekend.
Isn't this entrelac square cute? I love the very mini tree of life. Having finished the Forest Path Stole, you would think entrelac knitting would be a piece of cake to me ... well, I thought it wouldn't be a problem too. But this has been a classic example of you think you are knitting from the pattern, but in reality you are knitting from what you have in your head! Oops! No big deal ... start over! LOL!

Now this Lily Chan Square is a breeze:
Well, except for the bobbles ... especially the middle bobble row. Imagine one bubble after every 3 stitches!

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