Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year

I wonder how many of those who visit here were born on the last day of February in a leap year? But anyway, I wish everyone born on 29th February a very happy happy birthday! I am usually not enthusiastic about birthday celebration, but if I only had it once every 4 years, I would feel a lot more excited too. :)

I have been hoping to have another pair of socks done in February, but with most of my time devoted to the sweater, this is not going to happen ... not one pair, just a single sock, without mate:
This is what the Heelless Sleeping Sock is supposed to look like. However, if you turn it inside out, it can be quite a nice pattern too:
Before I started the toe decrease, I was undecided which to use as the outside. We all know that the knit stitches give a smoother surface. Maybe this was the reason for the original K1P3 pattern ... so I chose to go with the original design. :)

Yesterday, all the pieces for the sweater were finished and the shoulders were joined. So I got to take this picture:I always find such a shot with all the knitted pieces of a project stacked up give a high sense of satisfaction ... maybe just second to an FO shot.

My date for the coming weekend is all arranged, how about yours? Wish you all have a good time to come.

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