Monday, February 25, 2008

I shopped till I dropped! LOL!

And it didn't take too long, really. The first 20 minutes was very enjoyable since there were not too many people yet and I didn't stroll to the very populated stalls, such as this one. I picked up what I went for and then started browsing around. I stopped by the Webs store and patted their Valley Yarns line. I have to say I like how most of them feel to the hand ... soft and comfortable. So, there is one more store brand yarns to choose from from now on. Besides, the people at the Webs stalls are super friendly and nice ... this adds a positive human touch to online shopping.

At this point, the crowd started to build up ... and I had to struggle a bit weaving in and out of the flow of people. I also felt a hint of headache emerging. But I continued and went on ... and found myself once again got lost inside the market! It was always like this ... I would find myself walking past the same stalls 3 or 4 times already! And the headache intensified ... so it was time to head for the exit ... LOL!

This year, I paid extra attention to the samples on exhibit. I examined in particular the finishing just to see if I had been doing it right myself. It was great to see how other knitters did their work. It was also very exciting to see Fleegle's Black Widow Spider Queen in person ... this shawl is really stunning and extraordinary!

My right arm is back to action. When I was not knitting, I got myself into time wasters like these. Actually, they did more damage to my right arm than knitting! So I decided back to knitting it should be! But I played the games to gain coins so that I can buy stuff for my Meez. How do you find the doing-Yoga-on-tropical-island Meez? I love it! :D The previous knitting-in-cozy-log-cabin is cool too ... and it would return later.

With the arm able to knit again, more progress on the Pewter Filati Sweater:
The more I worked on this pattern, the better I like it. There are many great patterns from the Filati Man's pattern books and I was surprised I couldn't find too many people working on them on the web. The second sleeve was started already ... so I am hopeful again to have this done soon.

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