Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Beagle did it!

I have been a Peanuts cartoon fan for a very long time. I am a cat person who would choose Snoopy over Garfield! :D When the judge announced that Uno was the winner, I was so excited that I cheered as if I were one of the crowd in the New York show. This beagle made history of which Snoopy would be proud!

I had a great time watching the Westminster Dog Show. All the dogs were adorable and I learned about so many various species. I remember mumbling to myself "Oh, that's like Chappy / Oscar / Alexandra / Abner!"

And of course, there was new sock to accompany the show:
This yarn has been in the stash for 2 years and now I finally found the pattern for it! This is Heelless Sleeping Socks which is going to be a complete mindless knitting ... don't even have to worry about heel turning, but just knit until the yarn is almost finished and then make the toe! I like how the colourway forms when knitted. I never take part in Project Spectrum, but this project coincidentally matches the colour range for February. Nice! :D

I am amazed how focusing on Nancy Bush designs helps me to match my yarns with the right patterns. I already have plans for the next pair after this one. Maybe I would be able to do something like Nicole of The Knittery did. Isn't that amazingly impressive?

Oh, it seems many of us were touched by the Pedigree Echo commercial. If you had shed tears for Echo, there is comforting news.

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