Friday, February 08, 2008


We've been married for 6 years. It's been a happy happy 6 years.

Our wedding was a basic-to-the-bone one ... no elaborate ceremony, no bridesmaid, no best man, no reception with wonderful food and wine. But it was a memorable wedding nonetheless. We got our marriage license the day before and were informed that there was a time slot the next day. We took it.

The County Clerk told us that we needed a witness. So, Husband went back to work and sent an email to his friend, "Hey, I am getting married tomorrow. Can you be our witness?" He got a reply, "Sure. But are you kidding?" Hahaha ...

After work, we went to the mall looking for our wedding bands. We were not picky and soon found a pair. The saleswoman told us we could have our names engraved on the rings. We told her we were in quite a hurry. She said it would take just a few days. We said we didn't have a few days ... we needed the rings the next day (it was already 7 p.m.). Silence lasting 5 seconds. Hahaha ... and we went home happily with our wedding bands sans engraving.

The ceremony went well except for one or two glitches when we were saying our vows ... our witness and his girlfriend took pictures and video for us and we had champagne afterwards.

I think this year, we are going to have a memorable anniversary:
We are going to have a celebration one month late! I didn't even realize this until this morning ... Hahaha ...

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