Monday, February 04, 2008

08:03 Granny Smith Fancy Socks

::whew:: Monday is always a bit too chaotic and busy for me to try to post early. I think it would be better if I had a job working in an office ... or would it?

As usual, we are still a "No Super Bowl" household ... but I caught some good actions of Puppy Bowl IV. I love it a lot ... but watching it for hours would be too much for me. Besides, the new Pedigree Adoption Drive commercial is just too much ... both Husband and I got wet eyes watching it! So, I just switched between Animal Planet Channel and the USA Network while knitting. :)

As promised, I have new FO to show you. This Nancy Bush pattern (Gentleman's Fancy Socks) looks extremely like Ann Budd's Undulating Rib Sock. But since the colour is a lot lighter this time, the pattern is a lot more visible:
I am starting to love semi-solid colourways. They are more interesting than pure solid ones but are still able to show more complicated patterns.

Pattern: Gentleman's Fancy Socks designed by Nancy Bush from Knitting Vintage Socks
I love this pattern. Basic, easy but goes well with both pure solid and semi-solid colourways. I showed it to Husband and asked if he liked it in his colours ... positive!
To make the socks for my size, I started with only 72 stitches and decreased to 68 stitches. The socks hug the legs and feet comfortably ... which is one feature I love my socks to have.
I also knitted the heel as stated in the pattern:
I used to think the very sharp triangle heel turning would feel awkward. But actually it fits very well ... very!

Yarn: Araucania Ranco (75% wool, 25% nylon) The skein band was misplaced but I guess the colourway is the one in the link (102).
Debi told me some knitters found this sock yarn a bit too scratchy. Well, I really can't believe this! Am I too easy to please? To give you an honest opinion, don't try to compare it with Regia Silk ... or anything with cashmere. However this yarn is definitely NOT scratchy. The socks haven't been washed yet. But if it works like the Opal yarn, it is going to become softer and softer with use and wash.

Needles: Crystal Palace bamboo dpns US0

Cast On: 01-19-2008
Cast Off: 02-02-2008

It's time to think about the next pair. The one using Cat Bordhi's new book wasn't going so well and I had to return the book to the library (I am still thinking if I should buy it myself ... should I?), so it was put on hold.

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