Monday, January 28, 2008

You All Made My Day

Melissa of Tia Knits honoured me with a You Made My Day Award ... really, I'm so surprised! Thank you very much, Melissa. Honestly, Melissa's blog is one of those many many that always amaze me ... either by her beautiful shawls, or more recently her colourworks.

missalicefaye is another passionate lace knitter that is always my source of inspiration for lovely lace.

I think when we read knitting blogs, besides project inspirations, we are also looking for something extra that draws us closer to the bloggers. Well, FluffyKnitterDeb is full to the brim with Debi's personality that I just couldn't help but love this girl! And of course not to mention her project-matching OPI and her assistant Pumpkin.

Whether it is sewing, knitting, following a pattern, improvising one, or coming up with her own ideas, Lori always makes it look so easy that lovely projects seem to flow from her needles like running water!

I have always been a city girl, so life in a farm is something very remote to me ... reading Jessie's life in her farm with her big family of human and animals is always very interesting. Each and every animal in her farm has their unique personality ... enticing! Besides, I just love the title of her blog!

Who wouldn't wish they can take pictures of their own handknits like Jared does?

It's just great to be able to have a peek into one of my favourite knit designers' mind through her blog.

Sockapaloooza 4 brought us together, but it is Tuulia's talent that keeps me hungry to see more of her projects.

I always love it when Savannahchik posts her project inspirations ... open my eyes to projects that I might have overlooked.

Nanette's Knitting in Color is my must-read to get my fix on colour-knitting ... I may not be doing a lot myself, but I surely enjoy seeing others' projects and learning more.

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