Thursday, January 03, 2008

Year of Nancy Bush Patterns

I hope you all enjoyed the little fireworks show on YouTube. It took place in Central district of Hong Kong ... the skyscrapers make a good setting for spectacular firework display. But if I were in Hong Kong, most probably I would only watch it on television ... or I would have gone to bed and watch it the next day. The magical wonders of the internet! Recently I started exploring the hidden treasures in YouTube ... and I found so many videos of old Cantonese pop songs that I used to love!

I was able to keep to my words and not start a new project until New Year's Day. It was great because I was able to finish 2 squares for GAA:

I especially enjoyed the geometric construction of the Paul B Levy Square (left). The deep green is not easy to photograph ... you can click on the picture for a bigger view. I have good feeling about finishing this afghan in 2008. :)

While browsing my books for a sock pattern, I suddenly felt that I should focus on one designer this year ... and I chose Nancy Bush. With so many talented designers and wonderful patterns available, I often feel the helplessness of not knowing where/what to start. I am hoping to be more focused. So, 2008 would be my Year of Nancy Bush. Every time I start a sock project, I would consider hers first.

On New Year's Day, I started Conwy from Knitting on the Road:
Love those little twining cables! The yarns I am using is Koigu in unknown colourway which seems extremely similar to that in the book.

However, I only have 2 balls of such yarn (a gift from Elspeth) ... so I think my better option is to use another colour for the heel flaps and toes:
It is my first time doing this ... so I still need some time to adjust to the 2 colours!

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