Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What makes you fall in love with a yarn?

I am not crazy about cashmere. I know it's luxurious and super heavenly soft. But after the fiasco of washing Husband's pure alpaca sweater, I had the idea that washing a cashmere sweater would yield the same tragedy. And I don't really like dry-cleaning sweaters. So, I never buy ready-to-were cashmere sweaters. If there has to be a diva in my house, it should be me but not my sweaters. :)

The same goes for sweater yarns. I want something lovely and dependable and reasonably prices. I think I have found my most favourite yarn for sweater.
This is the latest version of the sweater for Husband ... and it should be the final successful one. To compress the long process into a short story, swatching didn't work the way it should with this stitch pattern. I made a large piece of swatch (really large ... no skimping there) and did the math. But when it came to the real thing, the real measurement didn't come out true until I had knitted at least 40 rows (plus the ribs). I finally got it right after 4 unsuccessful try. Yeah, I kept casting on and knitting the ribs plus 40 rows and then ripping them away and starting again.

If I were not knitting from a cone, I would usually cast on with a new ball. Repeatedly casting on with the same ball would wear out the yarn and make it fuzzy and old. I couldn't do that with a cone. But the JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk dk weight didn't show any sign of wear at all. Besides the yarn shows beautiful stitch definition:
I am sure it would be the best for aran and cable patterns.

Besides, it is comfortably soft ... comfortable!

I love down to earth dependable yarns!

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