Friday, January 25, 2008

Sock Interruption

The sock knitting has been interrupted. First Husband's Riverbed has to be ripped and started all over. Well, that happens when you are trying something new, right? I was amazed when the heel turning came so fast ... lesson learned! Trust your gut feeling, Agnes! I must have mixed up some measurements and math. So, I'll have to start from the beginning.

The Granny Smith Fancy Sock is progressing slowly because I have been busy working on a sweater for Husband. Swatching, washing, choosing a stitch pattern, starting, ripping, choosing a pattern, starting, ripping ... and on and on. Final decision:
Isn't the casual, relaxed style very cool? This is from Filati Special Men 3. (God! I love knitting patterns with their own names! It's so much easier!) But instead of garter stitch edge, I would use a ripping edge. Orange is a foreign colour in Husband's comfort zone, so I am using Zephyr DK weight in Pewter:
My gauge was tighter (surprise! or no surprise!), so I needed to add stitches. At first I put the extra stitches into the ripping between the main pattern ... which turned out not too great. Now they are in the main pattern.

Oh ... did you notice I have added a little widget to my sidebar? It's a free knitting pattern widget. Pretty cool, huh? But some of the links generated are dead. I'll have it there for a while ... before I get bored with it. :) I hope you find it useful too.

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