Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Knitwear Review No.3

It's been almost a year since I did my last Knitwear Review. Seeing Theresa doing her Time Machine Tuesday and Claudia's review of her beautiful Icarus, I think it's time for my third installment of the series.

Diagonal Twist Princess-seam Jacket
This is a close-fitting style jacket. Not the type that I would buy when it comes to ready-for-wear garments. But it is good for a change. However there is a reason for me, or anyone else, not to like too close-fitting jackets ... they are not as comfortable as standard-fit ones.
How does the yarn hold up? See it for yourself:
When it comes to pilling check, I usually look at the seam line running along the underarm of the sleeves and the body ... where most friction would happen. The jacket gets some heavy use but the actual pilling isn't too serious. However, the whole jacket has a kind of fuzzy halo ... is this the first stage of pilling? I don't know. Before putting it away before summer last year, I shaved and washed it. I guess shaving would be a necessary routine.

Ogee Tunic
Remember I told you this sweater was a bit itchy? The problem seems to have become less serious ... especially after washing. I love love love wearing this sweater. The style, the colour, the fit ... everything works extremely well for me. However, honestly, the fuzzy yarn doesn't show the Ogee pattern well.
About the yarn, it's excellent ... of course, except for the itchiness. It's light and the colour is beautiful and pilling is minimal:
No need for any shaving and it still looks like fresh off the needles. I still have 2 balls of this red yarn in my stash, but since I can't use it for a scarf obviously, I am thinking of mixing them with another colour for a sweater like Alice.

Ink Flared Sweater
This is a relatively new sweater but has already been worn a lot. The very loose fit makes it a very comfortable wear ... the kind that you tend to grab when you don't know what to wear or in a hurry. I absolutely dislike this yarn during the process of knitting because of the thick and thin nature as well as the fact that it had the tendency to break easily. However, knitted up into a sweater, it is lovely and comfortable. I especially like the very subtle sheen (maybe from the silk) which makes the colour very interesting. More surprise:
The yarn holds up a lot better than I have expected. Some pilling does happen but very acceptable. However, since the sweater has only been steam blocked, how well it would do after washing is still unknown.

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