Wednesday, January 09, 2008

In the mood for squares

Rain is good ... water is the source of life, right? From what I heard on the radio, we are already having voluntary water rationing here. I haven't heard the apartment complex's sprinklers on at night for quite some time. Just that I would be a lot happier if the rain comes in a more friendly way. Like yesterday. Then a little break ... like today. :)

With the start of the new year, I am in quite a mood for afghan squares. Despite being put off by the colours of the Great American Afghan, the knitting has been as much fun as the Great American Aran Afghan. I got another square done today:
I swear next time choosing a colour for an afghan, I would choose a lighter one which would be easier to show the pattern. Someone made it in 2 colours and that certainly shows better. I have always wanted to make this square because the geometry makes it so interesting. Besides, every time I stare at it intensely for some time, I would start feeling slightly woozy ... which always reminds me of those graphics used in Hitchcock's movies. The square was knitted in the round. This one is the second one I made ... the first one came out too big so I had to go down one needle size.

Before I return to my Conwy, just want to show off a gift I received in the mail today:
Two friends in Hong Kong just returned from a trip to Japan and they bought me these fabrics from Takashimaya. Too bad they only have one American branch ... in New York.

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