Monday, January 14, 2008

I think I found it

Among the few colourwork projects I've done, two of them are intarsia. While knitting the fingerless glove, I never really tried to learn holding the 2 strands of yarns at the same time seriously ... yeah, I dropped one and picked up the other.

So, over the weekend, I worked on Laila's Socks and found that it was really slow, but more importantly, the knitting lacked the satisfaction of knitting at a non-stop regular rhythm. It was time to start learning! I began with the way most knitters claimed to be "the way" ... one strand on each hand. The left hand is forever awkward ... oh, have I told you I knit the English way? But I did take the learning seriously this time ... and spent enough time to know, well, this is definitely NOT my way! Besides, the stitches just came out funny ... or was I looking for excuses not to go that way?

Then I started thinking there must be a way to hold both strands with the right hand. Well, there is ... it would come when you set your mind to it. Never mind the frogging again and again because of the uneven tension ... when I took a break and put down the sock, I pulled out my Knitter's Handbook and read what Miss Stanley wrote:
"Third Method: A good method: keep one colour over the index finger in the usual hand, and the other colour over the middle finger of the same hand."
That's sweet ... Miss Stanley's good method is also what works best for me! But the real sweetness is in the process of discovery. Besides, the stitches come out great ... at least to my eyes:
I still have problems to work on. For example, keeping the tension even with the floats across 2 needles. But for now, I am happy. Another thing that makes me happy is the toe:
It looks nice and fits well ... what more should I ask?

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