Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I must share this with you

Back in August last year, I bought some Zephyr DK weight through a Yahoo! co-op for a man's sweater. But I didn't get enough. So, in December, I bought some more, this time directly from Sarah's Yarns. Usual problem with buying yarns in 2 batches ... the dye lots don't match. And yes, they didn't. The 2 batches are so different in colour that even if I knit in alternate rows from the 2 batches, the difference would still be visible to the naked eye.

So, what could I do? Yesterday, I finally contacted Sarah and asked if she could find me the extra yarns needed to make a man's sweater in either of the dye lots I had. My intention was to get the extra yarns and then see what else I could make. Surprisingly, Sarah offered to exchange the yarns so that I would have all in the same dye lot. She absolutely has no obligation to do that ... but she is willing to help me. I don't have to spend extra money and get yarns I don't have plan for. We had several emails back and forth before the arrangement was finalized. Sarah responded very quickly and I could tell she is sincere in trying to help the best she can. I just can't put into words how pleasant the whole experience has been. It just made me feel so good ... and the whole world suddenly seems so bright and optimistic. This. is. good. customer. service. Period.

Now I can finally cast on the sweater for Husband ... after finishing Laila's Socks, of course.

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