Monday, January 21, 2008

Comeback with a vengeance

I am talking about my sock mojo. I've already made 2 pairs in the first 3 weeks. It does seem that having a focus enables me to match yarns and patterns easier. Right now, I am again having 2 other pairs on the needles ... yes, 2 pairs!

Doesn't the colour remind you of the delicious granny smith apples in the produce section? I have tried this yarn with Friday Harbor from Knitting on the Road ... it almost worked. Almost ... US2 was too small but with US3, the fabric was too flappy. It was just too bad because I have wanted to make Friday Harbor for the longest time ... just waiting for the right yarn to come by. For the Ranco I have, this Gentleman's Fancy Socks pattern is perfect.

So the granny smith socks seem to be a breeze to knit ... but this is going to be challenge while it may not look like one:
I have chosen the Riverbed Architecture from Cat Bordhi's new book. With the arch expansion done in the sole, it seems to be a very comfortable sock structure. So far, I am very very happy with how this sock is going. First, I used Judy's magic cast on ... and it is the best cast on I've tried so far ... not because it is easy, but because it is the one cast on in which the stitches don't require tucking and tweaking to tighten them. I am still knitting the toe section but I have already worked out my RPI (rounds per inch). But the most pleasurable thing about this sock is THE YARN! It is Regia Silk ... the most sssssmooth and sssssoft yarn I've used! I just can't help squeezing the yarn even when I am not knitting!

Do you know that today is called "Blue Monday"? According to some experts, today is the unhappiest day of a year ... and I do find the analysis gave some really gloomy reasons to be unhappy! Gratefully, I don't feel unhappy today ... just normal ... another normal day. But I did take the opportunity to care for my personal grooming ... and had a long overdue haircut! It felt great ... and I feel a lot lighter! So, I wish you all have a safe "Blue Monday"!

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