Saturday, January 12, 2008

08:01 Conwy

The 2008 Maverick Surf Contest is on! There is a live surf cam available. It is much less exciting to watch than standing amidst the cold on the beach and the crushing roars of the waves, but you can actually see the surfers' actions instead of specks somewhere out there.

Despite having bad dreams of finishing the Colour Wheel Quilt (yeah, I really dreamt about it ... time to pick up my act and got it done!), I managed to finish the first FO of 2008. I did what I usually do, started the toe section 2" shy of the full length but have to do the decrease-even rounds all the way. The toe shape was longer and sharper. So, when I did the second sock, I did several rounds more before starting the toe ... voila:
Both fit well, but I like the blunter one more.

The second skein of the yarns was actually enough for finishing both toes, but I thought if the heel flap was in a different colour, the socks would look better with the toes were of the same colour as the heel flap. I started the heel almost immediately when the decreases on the back of the leg were done, giving me a 6" leg instead of 8". But I can see that with the decreases, the socks would hug to the leg nicely.

Pattern: Conwy designed by Nancy Bush from Knitting on the Road
I definitely enjoyed working on this pattern, which is best for semi-solid colours. Seriously, this is very good for "knitting on the road" if you want something just a bit more demanding than stocking stitch.

Yarn: Koigu in unknown colourway plus leftovers for heel flaps and toes
I LOVE this yarn even though it is just my first time actually working with it. I proudly own one pair of Koigu socks ... very beautiful colour and skilfully knitted ... and in a Nancy Bush pattern! I know Koigu socks are supposed to be hand washed, but mine still look smashing gorgeous despite being put into the washer (cold water cycle, air dry).

Needles: Crystal Palace bamboo dpns US 1.5

Cast On: 01-01-2008
Cast Off: 01-11-2008

I have already cast on for my second Nancy Bush project of the year. It's Laila's Socks from Folk Knitting in Estonia. Since I am still fiddling with the right needle size, there is not much to be seen. But I can see that it would be quite a challenge.

Yesterday, I brought home Cat Bordhi's latest book and was fascinated by all the new structures for socks. I don't think Husband would really like to have socks in Nancy Bush's patterns, so I would explore Bordhi's book when knitting plain stocking stitch socks for him.

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