Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The search for matching fabrics

Somehow I knew deep inside that it would happen this way. Just when I gave up the search and bought another white fabric for the quilt, the one I wanted "re-appeared" in the original store where I bought my first bolt!

I thought since I had to use a different fabric anyway, I bought something other than a solid white:Can you see the subtle floral pattern? From afar, it still looks like solid white. Cute!

This is my first quilt and I had no idea how to make the enlargement. But somehow I want the enlarged border to be of mitered corners. I didn't know how ... so I went ahead and did it my way:It looks best from this distance ... better not get too close! Ha! Now that the quilt top is really done, the next step would be the quilting ... which I am most nervous about. Everything is ready ... I have even bought a walking foot for the machine. I hope I can show you the finished quilt really soon.

I have also been busy with an old project ... the Sashiko Jacket. Both sleeves are done and blocked, so I went ahead and wet blocked the body:There are still a lot of finishing work to do ... but it's really getting close.

Just 2 weeks before Christmas ... today we received the Christmas present we bought for ourselves. We just finished setting it up and trying out all the basic functions. This baby is really cool! We have quite a collection of non-region-1 DVDs which couldn't be played on the locally bought DVD players. This player can play everything! Perhaps it would even vacuum! Okay ... that's daydreaming. :)

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