Monday, December 17, 2007

How was your weekend?

Mine couldn't start in a worse way! Early Saturday morning, I got emails from eBay saying that I requested new password to my account. And of course that wasn't from me. Mid-week last week, someone listed items for sale under my account. It was detected by eBay and I immediately changed my password. I think that very same person tried again. Thanks to the eBay online help, I was able to put my account on hold. But I think somehow that person got control of my Yahoo email account and changed my password. So I lost access to my email account!

That started a panic in me as it was my primary email for a lot of online communications. I immediately cut off all links to that email. I felt extremely lucky that 3 months ago, to limit my impulsive online buying, I generated a random password (which is next to impossible to remember) for my PayPal account. ::whew:: Unfortunately, I am still unable to retrieve access to that account. I am not sure how vicious that hacker or hackers are but I feel I have the responsibility to protect all my contacts in that email. So, if you are reading this, please take a couple of minutes' time to block this email address from sending anything to you: Even if I could retrieve my access later, I would not use that account anymore. I apologize for what happened and the troubles that may be caused as a result.

I confess I had to bear a part of the responsibility. I had been really lazy in creating different passwords for my various online accounts ... theoretically, if you get hold of one password to one of my accounts, you can access almost all of them. But no more! From now on, I would generate new passwords for all important online accounts every month. It is indeed a pain ... but the feeling of your privacy being violated is so humiliating that the little trouble is actually worth the while.

To take a break from the nightmare, perhaps we go back to knitting, okay? I am one more step closer to finishing the Sashiko Jacket:The problem is the size of the jacket may be a bit smaller than it should be ... my tight gauge is again the culprit. But really, I love how it comes out. Next to do is to knit the button band ... and then the loose ends.

I think I do have a partial liking for intarsia colourwork. Why?Yes ... I am actually crazy enough to think of knitting the Old Tile Jacket again using wool. Right now, I am considering KnitPicks Palette.

Oh yes, there is also one lone Maizy sock done:

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