Friday, December 14, 2007

Bad news and good news

Have this ever happend to you? Early in the morning, you notice a small thing is a bit wrong, and then things are just not going right the rest of the day?

Yesterday morning, I opened my Bloglines and Boom! There were over 5000 unread posts, including 200 from my own blog. What the hell was going on? Well, it was a just a small thing, so no sweat ... and the day went on with me doing Christmas shopping and seaming the Sashiko Jacket.

Last night, I finished the seaming and tried on the jacket ... another Boom! First, I mixed up the left and right sleeves. Yes, it is important because of the sashiko patterns. Second, I discovered I had lengthened the sleeves for nothing. It was only when I tried the jacket on that I found the lengthened portion created a bulky underarm area ... which was extremely unflattering to look at. So, you know what followed ... ripping, ripping, ripping. I decided to blame it on Bloglines! Hahaha ... The work will continue today.

On to happier news. For a very very very long time, I have been drooling over Hanne Falkenberg's designs, especially Diva. But the price has always succeeded in holding me back. :) Then one day, this sudden surfed onto my computer screen. I checked and checked and checked ... both my eyes and the prices ... just to make sure I was not "seeing things". It was not until the kit arrived that I really believed it:

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