Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All sorts of updates

I finally received my copy of Rowan 42! If you are a member, you should probably have known that the girl responsible for US Rowan membership is going to leave Westminster Fibers. I am just happy that my magazine arrived before that so I don't have to start communicating with a new personnel about an old problem.

How do you like this issue? The "Reflection" section completely doesn't work for me. Actually I am only interested in the cabled sweaters/cardigans in the "Tundra" section. I may really make Narvik ... very cute.

How about some free patterns? Tejemanejes, a Spanish online knitting magazine, has just released their second issue. I like the red stole and the mobius scarf. The hair net is pretty interesting too, but I don't have much use of it.

Resting on the ironing board is the neckband of the Sashiko Jacket:Since I wet blocked the jacket, logically I should wet block the neckband too, though the urge to just sew it on as I go was extremely extremely strong! In the meantime, I will just work on the loose ends.

The hacker saga has finally come to an end. I succeeded in recovering my eBay account. First thing of course is to have my email and password changed. After having tried for 4 days, I guess I have to accept the fact that my former Yahoo email is lost forever. Because of that, I have also lost access to my Flickr account. Just want to let you know that if you have bought the Flickr pro membership, make sure you make a copy of the receipt they sent you and keep it in your document folder, instead of just keeping the copy in your email account. If I had done so, I may be able to retrieve my pro membership.

Besides the Sashiko Jacket, I am aiming at finishing the Maizy socks before the arrival of 2008. Talking about socks, do you want to try a new heel style? Check this out.

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