Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This "to-do-list" thing

Thank you all very much for the comments ... obviously the Gathering Intentions pattern is quite a crowd pleaser. Reading through your comments made me think about this "to-do-list" thing. Do you literally have a list of things you plan to knit? Or you just keep a mental list? Or both?

I did try writing down a list during the early days ... but it just ended up being tucked away among the many papers on the desk. So, I mostly just did the mental listing. Occasionally, I did mention some project ideas that I would love to knit on the blog. When Ravelry came along, I started my queue, with quite some enthusiasm, but also some restrain when I discovered that a long list gives me anxiety.

Besides, I kind of become a bit superstitious about items on the to-do-list or even mentioning future projects on the blog. It is like by doing either, I feel that I've done it already ... and then it is just forgotten and never gets done. Take this month, for example, in which I have been knitting sweaters like crazy. Yet none of them were from my Ravelry queue, but more from my mental list or the flight of my fancy at the time.

How about you? What usually happens to your to-do-list?

November is definitely a sweater's month here. The frenzy continues and is going strong:Yeah ... another pink project ... hehehe ... and another project not from the Ravelry queue. :)

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