Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Idle hands

After knitting full force on sweaters for several weeks, I didn't work on anything in particular the last 2 nights. The feeling of having idle hands was a little bit weird. Since I'd like to spend more time on my first quilt, I am not going to start any new knitting project. Most probably just work on the socks and maybe a couple of GAA squares in the mean time.

About the quilt, most of the cutting was done. This afternoon, I worked on the arrangements of the colour wheel:I hope I can start the sewing tomorrow. The problem with sewing is that I prefer using the machine during the day (in fear of the noise disturbing the neighbours), the time of the day when I should vacuum, clean, do grocery shopping, and many other things ... hahaha ... So, I can see that progress would be slow.

Since the size of the quilt is a bit odd, not too small but not big enough, I am considering enlarging it. I am still undecided whether to do it this way or this way. What would be your choice?

This year, we got to experience what Black Friday was like. We went to Fry's looking for a DVD player in the afternoon. Of course we didn't buy anything when we discovered that the queue for checking out ran around half of the store (and it is a big one!). Now we know Black Friday is not just an ordinary sales day. We returned at around 6 p.m. and the queue was gone. We didn't get the DVD player but did make a great discovery:We love this chocolate! Besides, the assortment box is mighty useful too:

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