Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stash from the Past

One August Saturday afternoon, I received a call from my father, who was about to have a surgery. It was not a life-threatening problem, and for someone in his 70's, he did a pretty great job in recovering. However, it did make me realize I need to push "spending as much time with my parents as I can" to a higher priority. This is not easy if you are living thousands of miles away from them. The most I can manage is one week a year.

So, my major activity during last week's visit was hanging out with my parents and having simple homemade meals. The visit was short ... but I'm sure my parents were happy to return to their daily routine (they go for morning hiking before 4 a.m. every day!) and look forward to next year's visit! :D

But I did have one big surprise discovery ... my past stash! Basically, I have very little memory of my knitting during my university days ... that would be like more than 15 years ago. My mother surprised me by saying that she kept my yarns from those days! Wow!13 balls of Patons Superwash Wool plus 4 balls of used ones. I was so happy because without spending a dime I could bring yarns (do they count as vintage yarns? LOL!) home!

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