Friday, October 19, 2007

Knitting limbo

desiknitter asked me for photos of Hong Kong ... mmm ... actually, I didn't take too many since I didn't go out much. She's been to Hong Kong and it seems that she absolutely loves the city. That is great ... I always think that as long as there are people who love a place, it always has a future. I love the city ... but it is just so completely different from where I am currently living, I did need some mental adjusting when I first landed. I seldom see buildings higher than 2 stories now, so it was understandable that this would be quite a sight:I took this on our way back from Stanley Beach to downtown area. The bus was going down the mountains and all you could see were buildings, buildings and more buildings ... and yes, they are built along the mountain slopes.

What makes Hong Kong such an interesting city is that if you look hard enough, you can also find peace and quiet:Very great contrast, isn't it?

Back to knitting ... and that would be summarized in one word: LIMBO. During last week, I was able to crochet 7 motifs and knit 2 pattern repeats on Muir. But I haven't done much since I was back. I felt like I was sleepwalking these few days ... maybe it was the jet lag ... 15 hours' difference! Fortunately, that's going to change ... after seeing what beautiful things you guys out there have been making seems to have brought back my enthusiasm. :D

So, I am now going to knit ... have a nice weekend.

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