Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finally got my corner!

Knitting can be a very mobile craft. Basically, I can knit at any corner of the apartment, carrying my yarn, needles and project around. But sewing is different. When I told my mom I got a sewing machine, the first thing she asked was, "Where are you going to put it?" I didn't have a place to put it then, just tucked away somewhere on the carpet ... and my mother predicted that I was not going to use it in that case.

Moms are always right. Before she retired (as a seamstress), the sewing machine was a constant piece of furniture in the house, like a sofa or tv. So, I know if I want to get somewhere with my sewing, I need to find a place.

I live in a spacious one-bedroom apartment. Spacious, but one bedroom. So, a crafting room is out of the question ... besides, I am not too eager to have anything more than a one-bedroom apartment, you know, all those cleaning and vacuuming. Maybe not a whole room for crafting ... but how about a corner? YES!We have been using this table to put our clothes. It's definitely a waste ... as you can see, this corner has a great view of the patio plants and good supply of daylight. So, I cleared out the pile of clothes (mmm ... where did I put them?) and got a trolley cart for the crafting supplies:This way, I can have a table surface as working area. What do you think? I love it!

You know what? The machine was immediately put into use! Did you read Grumperina's true story? I have my own problem with dpns. My needle holder is one without a flap. If I am not being careful (which means lots of the time!), the needles would just start slipping out ... scattering everywhere. So, I made these:They are just so easy to make! No more wandering dpns around the apartment. :)

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