Friday, September 07, 2007


The past week has been a draining one here ... ever since we had our first encounter on Friday night (the first ever to both me and Husband) with a black widow spider in our patio, and a second one on Labour Day morning, we have been feeling unsettled by the idea of seeing more. We have been extra careful in checking every corner of the apartment and every possible place a spider can hide, including slippers lying idle for more than 1 minute. Today, the pest control man finally came and spray the patio. ::whew::

With black widow spiders distracting my attention, I didn't have too much knitting or crocheting done. But I did get started on another gift knitting:Wisp is a super easy project ... perfect for gift because it is beautiful too. I am about halfway done ... hopefully, it would be finished by the time my mother-in-law comes next week.

Despite the spider-scare, there is promising news from my garden. I think there would be more moonflowers coming soon:The flowers would only last several hours. I wish there would be blooming when my mother-in-law is here.

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