Saturday, August 18, 2007

Twisted Flower Socks

The socks were finished on Friday night but somehow I didn't feel like blogging until this morning. In the meantime, I made myself a pair of sock blockers using wire hangers: But I think I still like the socks on my feet plus a glimpse of the big leg more ... hahaha:Because of the colour of the yarn (which I really really love), you may have to click for the original photo size to see the details of the pattern.

Pattern: Twisted Flower Socks designed by Cookie A.
Love love love this pattern ... as I said before, it is a challenging yet manageable pattern. The part I love most is the twisted stitch celtic/saxon (I really can't tell which from which!) knots ... and the knitting of that has been the most enjoyable.

Yarn: MaineBearSox4 by Furryarns
I stumbled upon the Furryarns site by accident and they were having a special offer on this sock yarn at the time. I was happy that I bought some to try. The wool/silk mix is a very soft stuff and it is machine-washable! Besides, this is a company operating with honesty ... if you read the additional notes on this yarn, everything they said there is true ... even for the yarn-twisting-itself-while-knitting part. The close-to-500-yard skein is enough for any size feet ... I have a huge amount of leftovers. From what I see on the screen, I suspect I would love all the colours available! If only I didn't already have so many sock yarns ...

Needles: Crystal Palace bamboo dpns US1.5

Cast On: 08-02-2007
Cast Off: 08-17-2007

I already have plans for new socks. Either a pair for Husband using a new sock yarn or the Snowflake Socks from IK2007Fall. But before that, I would have to finish another gift knitting ... another Clapotis! :D

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