Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Loosen Up!

This is what I've been mumbling to myself these last couple of days! So, I may be a little bit uptight sometimes ... and it really doesn't bother me or anyone else too much. :D However, when even the largest size given in a pattern can't accomodate my tight gauge, it's time to loosen up, don't you think? ;)It's been almost 2 years since I spotted this lovely jacket by Teva Durham and I am now finally making it. Well, at least I am consistent ... I knit tight and crochet tight ... hahaha ...

I discovered, for quite some time already, that I have "a thing" for irregularity and asymmetry. Teva Durham and Norah Gaughan are two of my most favourite designers, and their irregular designs are amongst my most favourite.
If it was not for my being unfamiliar with how to count the marguerite clusters and my tight gauge, both of which caused me to re-start, this would be a really "fat hook, fast crochet" project. My last attempted was started yesterday and I am now on the right front, which was still non-existent in the photo. It is still a bit smaller than it should be (my gauge must have reverted to the tighter side during the process), but I think I can do something with the edging.

This is actually my first time crocheting a garment, I don't have too much confidence but it seems that the pattern is working out fine. Stay tuned for the FO.

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