Friday, August 31, 2007

I failed!

::SIGH:: It was not the problem with the pattern. On the contrary, the pattern works exactly the way it should. The problem is my gauge. For a moment, I thought, even narrower than it should be, the body piece would be okay. But it was before I basted the sleeve in.

Another problem is that the ribbon yarn tends to weigh down the piece and thus narrowing it further. So, very important ... must get the gauge right! To do that, I got this today:I thought the blue one (N/15) was already huge ... now I would have to use the P16 one!

It was quite frustrating to have made the body plus one sleeve and found that I had to start all over again. So, I decided to go back to knitting and wait for the crochet frustration to wear off. I have several choices:

a) The Sashiko Jacket - I was one-third into the second sleeve. However, it is way too warm here to work on the thick wool ... except of course if I turn on the air-con to freeze up the apartment. This is too decadent a way to knit for me ... besides, such senseless waste of energy is certainly not acceptable.

b) MS3 - I just started a few rows into Clue #4, the wing section. Lace weight wool is fine. But the pattern, though not excessively complicated, is not simple enought for easing frustration.

c) The plain Maizy Socks for Husband - this is perfect!The Maizy yarn feels very much like the Panda Cotton but it is thinner. This pair is going to be in plain socking stitch ... total mindless knitting for the Labour Day tv marathons!

On another note, have you seen the 2 latest issues of Knitter's Magazine? I think this magazine is having a comeback! I have been really impressed by several projects from these 2 issues, like this, this, this, and this.

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