Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hanami Stole

It is interesting how conflicting my feelings toward this stole have been. I do know in my heart that the colourway of the yarn does fight with the YOs in the cherry blossom portion. It seems to get better with the increased frequency of the YOs:But I am sure we all know that the air-borne feeling of cherry blossom petals would be more outstanding with a solid colour.

However, I kind of like the finished stole ... maybe enough to keep it as is. Oh yes, I am not 100% sure yet ... that's why I haven't woven in the ends yet (there are only 2 anyway). If I am going to rip it, I would do it up to the basket weave section and work the whole stole in this pattern. And I do have a solid-coloured yarn for this project ... so if I start working sometime next week, I can still make it for the wedding. But that is really not too important ... I haven't got what to go with the stole yet. Am I mixing up the priorities here? LOL!

Pattern: Hanami Stole designed by Melanie Gibbsons
Well, right at the moment when this pattern came out, I loved it immediately. Beautiful concepts behind the design makes it even more lovable. The two ends of the stole is asymmetrical ... one is a beaded cast on while the other is a ruffle. When I was doing the ruffle, I didn't like it too much. However, it becomes a lot better after blocking. If I really have to work on this stole all in basket weave pattern, however, I think a beaded cast off would be more suitable.

Yarn: Sundara Yarn Silk Lace (100% silk) in Cherry Blossom colourway
This is a special edition colourway ... and yes, it is very beautiful as with all Sundara's works.
About the silk, it's my first time working with 100% silk. In China, starting from the ancient times, silk fabrics were always for the royalties and the very rich. So, inevitably, I felt specially pampered working with pure silk. Yet, I am not sure silk is that very good for knitting. With woven fabrics, they are definitely soft and lovely. Knitting? I had this feeling that the stole was growing in length every second! Lucky that it is a stole that I am working on! :D So, I am not sure if I would use 100% silk yarn for garments.

Needle: Addi Lace Needle US3
The new lace needles are simply awesome! I had absolutely no hiccups during the knitting process ... love the Addi Lace Needles!

Measurements: 17" x 58"
Obviously my gauge is a lot tighter.

Cast On: 08-04-2007
Cast Off: 08-11-2007

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