Friday, August 03, 2007

GAA - Sidna Farley Square ... and all about socks

First of all, I just sent the Sockapalooza4 Socks to my pal. And I know that my other Sock Pal has sent mine to me! Hooray! Now I am just praying the pal knitting for my Sock Pal (isn't it confusing?) would keep the good karma flowing around. :D

Then, new sock on the needle:Ta-da! I have wanted to make this beautiful Twisted Flower pattern for the longest time. Finally it's on the needle now. It is a lot of fun to work with ... you know, the kind that you mutter to yourself, "Okay, just one more row ... just one more row ... and I'll put it down." ... but you never succeed in putting it down. The pattern shows better in life than in photo. And I love this pearly grey colour (Furryarns MaineBear SOX4 in Opal) and the yarn is super soft.

Now come the second GAA square - Sidna Farley Square:My approach is to pick the easy and straight-forward ones to work on first ... kind of boosting the motivation. Like the Nancy Bush Square, this one creates a lovely symmetrical pattern with slipped stitches. I was just amazed that this time, I was able to use the recommended needle sizes to get the gauge for both squares. If it keeps on like this, the knitting would be faster and smoother ... keep my fingers crossed.

On a sad note, I just learned that Sidna Farley, the designer of this square, passed away the past Memorial Day. You can read the obituary here.

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