Friday, August 24, 2007

Clapotis Magic

No matter what yarns you have in hand, you can almost always be sure that your Clapotis would be beautiful.

Though it is mainly in stocking stitch, surprisingly, I found it quite a pleasure to knit ... and was not distracted by other projects. Yes, I have been a one-project knitter for the last few days. This time, I was not even tempted to unravel the drop-stitch ladders until I finished the knitting.

The yarns were the extra balls I got from Husband's Sweater. It is the colour that Husband's aunt likes. After searching high and low, I finally decided that Clapotis would be the best. So, Clapotis it is. I hope she would like it and find it useful. One more gift knitting done. Great.

Pattern: Clapotis designed by Kate Gilbert from Knitty Fall 2004

Yarn: Deluxe 100% Wool from Taiga Yarns 3.5 balls

Needle: Addi Lace Circular Needle US4

Meausrements: 17" x 73" after blocking (with 25 repeats for the straight section)

Cast On
: 08-17-2007
Cast Off: 08-23-2007

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