Thursday, August 09, 2007

Can you see the cherry blossom petals?

Okay, so I have been keeping up with the MS3 ... until this week. It is not because of the wing contained in Clue#5 ... most probably I would knit the wing as Melanie intended. It is just that I suddenly feel that I would like to wear the Hanami Stole instead of the MS3 for the friend's wedding in 2 weeks' time. If I am to do that, I need to start working.

The basket weave portion went pretty smoothly ... and I really like the darker colour running through the various shades of pink:They are like the branches of the trees.

But I'm not so sure about the petals portion:In the solid-coloured version given in the pattern, this is the portion that captured me ... it felt like the flower petals were flying everywhere in the sky ... so beautiful. For mine, is the dark colour fighting with the pattern?

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