Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Turning the first corner

With all the excitement of churning out the first pair for Summer of Socks and keeping up with Mystery Stole 3, the knitting of GAAA has taken the back seat in the last few weeks. But now while I'm waiting for Clue 3 to come out, I can return to the afghan border.

The knitting of the border was portable at the beginning. However, while approaching the first corner, portable no more:Since I wanted to make sure the corner turning fits well with the corner, I started sewing the border to the afghan while knitting along. The first corner has turned ... and was quite a success:
Oh yes, about the idea of this afghan as a gift. I sent an email to the friend and told her about my idea. I didn't want to impose a gift on her or give her something that won't fit in with her future home. I am happy that I did check in with her first ... turned out she felt that the afghan may not fit well with her home and she already has loads of knitted and woven blankets from her future mother-in-law. So, good news ... I get to keep the GAAA for myself ... plus no more deadline for finishing! :D Okay, so maybe the latter isn't really great news ... but I am pushing myself to finish despite the lace of a deadline. I figure it would be done by early August. YAY!

And of course, I have to start a sock for portable project:I am not usually a pastel person, but this Opal Petticoat really got me. I love it ... so much that I have 2 balls. :D I have been loving those Petticoat plain socks I saw around the knitting blogs, so I would use the remaining ball for a pair of plain socks. But it seems the colourway goes quite well with Waving Lace too.

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