Monday, July 09, 2007

Pretty Comfy Socks Take 2

Have you ever wondered how far one ball of Elann Esprit (or Cascade Fixation, since they are basically the same yarn) can go? Since I don't like weaving in ends, I often start the second sock with a new ball of yarn. Simply out of curiosity, I decided to continue with the rest of the first ball this time:See? If I knitted a shorter leg, I could very well have a pair from one ball! Maybe I can make myself a pair of anklets next time.

My first pair for Summer of Socks 2007 was done. Mighty fast, huh? But I don't think I am fast enough to match Wendy's 4 pairs so far already! :D

Since it's another pair of carpet-look-alike colour,
I took the photos against a black background (the sofa) this time!

Pattern: Pretty Comfy Socks designed by Debbie Young
Very pretty pattern but I won't recommend this pattern for a sock-beginner's project. The written pattern would be less confusing (especially the short row heel) if you are already familiar with how to knit a sock. I can see myself making a third pair if this second one die on me again. LOL!

Yarn: Elann Esprit (98.3% Cotton 1.7% Elastic) Col: 7530, Nougat Less than 1.5 balls
I always love wearing freshly knitted socks made out of this yarn because they were always so soft ... a sharp contrast to after they were washed. I wash them in cold water cycle ... never hand wash them. Once washed, the fabric would become a lot tougher. So, I do think from now on, Crystal Palace Panda would be my choice of summer sock yarn ... though I still have some Esprit in my stash.

Needles: Crystal Palace bamboo dpns US3

Cast On: 07-01-2007
Cast Off: 07-08-2007

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