Monday, July 02, 2007

My debut of Summer of Socks

How do you assess your own knitting skills? How do you draw the conclusion that you've improved? I'm sure there are numerous ways to do that. But in the past weekend, I found one very effective way.

I loved my first pair of hand-knit socks, which are still resting in peace in the sock drawer. After I finished the Sockapalooza4 socks, I was trying to start a pair using some Elann Esprit in my stash. I tried several patterns but didn't get success. So, I dug up the old printed pattern from the big binder and casted on.

Going through the pattern, the memories all came back ... how I fumbled through the lace pattern, always missing the knitting even rounds; how I just followed the short-row instructions without absolutely no idea what I was doing or what to expect; or how I was frustrated because I forgot the details of the first sock ... and was always paranoid about the second sock might not match.

Starting this pair with the same pattern again, I realized I've come a long way in the knitting of socks (though, of course, there are still soooo many to learn!). And it really feels good when you are well aware of what you are doing ... and in control!
I haven't knitted socks with US3 needles for a long time ... and holy moly! That goes stupid fast*! I just started yesterday noon ... and am now way past the heel already.

*I always chuckled watching the guy catching flies in the Comcast tv stupid fast commercial.

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