Monday, July 23, 2007

Look! Lifeline!

The feeling of void and emptiness so very often experienced after completing an important project was quickly driven away by the arrival of Clue#4 of Mystery Stole 3 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Since I let Husband read the book first, I spent most of the weekend working on Clue#4.

Here you are looking at my very first lifeline since I started knitting lace. I am usually too impatient to spend time on precautions ... I love diving into the action more. But this time, Melanie took the trouble of sending Special Notice* telling us to put a lifeline, I thought I should take this business of lifeline a bit more seriously.

Just let me tell you that ... it is not easy. You see, I am quite a tight knitter ... and I am using the Denise needle-set. Threading even the very thin lace I got from ColourMart through the stitches on the Denise cable required some good eyesight and patience. But I suppose it would be worth it ... or I hope I won't need to find out how worthwhile it is. LOL!

Clue#4 is mainly one single pattern ... which is very beautiful to me:Looks like little cat paw prints ...

*I decided to switch to Special Notice after once receiving more than 15 Daily Digest a day! :)

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