Saturday, July 07, 2007

The guessing game

I am very happy with my progress in the Mystery Stole 3 project. I finished Clue 1 on Thursday night just in time for Clue 2 to come out on Friday. No problem with knitting from charts now, though there were still a couple of hiccups along the way. Really, I think I should start the habit of using a lifeline. It may cost me a little more time during the knitting, but in case major hiccups occur, those extra amounts of time would be worth the while.

This project is also my first project with beads. See how well the Mill Hill pony beads I got from Stitches West go with my yarn:I originally wanted to get some pink beads for the Hanami Stole but there wasn't any. So I got this colour (18820) and found that it goes better with the KnitPicks Shadow in Sunset. It's fun working with beads ... but I always forgot to put the bead towards the end of a row.

One of the fun parts in the Mystery Stole 3 project is the guessing game. Melanie gave just enough hints at the beginning for us to explore the various possibilities of the theme. I am not much of a guesser but it has been really fun reading everybody's ideas. Now with Clue 2 finished, I still have no idea what the theme would be, but one of the motifs certainly looks familiar:Don't you think it looks like a lotus flower?

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