Monday, July 30, 2007

GAA - Nancy Bush Square

You read it right ... GAA (The Great American Afghan). It was as if I were put under an afghan spell, just a few days after finishing The Great American Aran Afghan, I started another project.

If you have ever seen photo of GAA, you'll agree with me that the colour combination of the squares is a major turn-off. I just can't understand how they came up with such horrible colours, which by themselves are perfectly alright, but put together? Argh! I chose to use Wool-Ease in Forest Green Heather as the major colour and started with squares of single colour.

The first square completed is Nancy Bush Square:This is a very simple design which gives satisfaction of symmetry and balance. Besides, Nancy Bush introduced a technique she discovered in an Estonian knitting book, which she translated as "button stitch". The result is a small nupp-like structure. Lovely.

I have also managed to finish Clue#4 of MS3:So far, I am very happy since I have been able to keep up with the weekly clues. Are you able to see any clue to the stole's theme? I still have no idea what it would be! The last row in Clue#4 is an all-across eyelet row ... I am thinking what follows would be completely different from what has been given before. Now I am just waiting for Friday to come! :D

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