Friday, June 15, 2007

Random Friday

1. Having worked through most of the Great American Aran Afghan, I don't remember really disliking any one of the patterns ... that is until now. The one I'm working on is really a pain ... I just want to get past it ASAP.

2. Have you sponsored Claudia on her MS Ride this year? She's been parading the prizes for weeks ... and you still have one week to do that. She is riding her butt off for a good cause and what you and I have to do is the sweatless easy part ... and we got to have prizes! That's sweet ... so go and show your support. Your contribution would help bring about hope like this to happen sooner.

3. I am so looking forward to the coming Monday ... new season of The Closer! I love this show ... and I love her accent! :D

4. For the last week, the first thing I did after I got out of bed was to examine these:
These are container sunflowers which I grew from seeds ... they are really easy to grow. As with most sunflowers, they grow and bloom fast. I am hoping they would bloom more or less the same time ... that would be a very cheerful sight!

I am off to tackle that pain-in-the-butt square now ... wish you all a wonderful weekend.

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