Friday, June 22, 2007

GAAA - Surprise Surprise

Current status of the Great American Aran Afghan: there are still 2 squares remained to be done. But there was progress ... surprisingly, I should say.

Usually, the weaving in ends and sewing up of individual squares are the least fun jobs to me. Not this time. I just started with trying to tidy up the loose ends as a break from the knitting. Soon, I found myself sewing up the squares into stripes ... then into an afghan:
To save the excitement of revealing the final FO for later, what you see here is the wrong side. I remember reading somewhere (this link belongs to a very prolific knitter who offers a wealth of her insights and experiences) that "the wrong side is just as important as the right side" ... which I totally agree. Since this afghan is going to be a gift, I paid extra attention to such details, hoping to have a blanket really presentable:
I think I can attribute the ease of sewing to the fact that I cast on 60 stitches for most of the squares. The numbers of casting on given in the patterns are quite random, varying from 48 to 61. I made the decision of using 60 stitches for all the squares (except those knitted in the round or with special constructions) ... and this made the sewing really a breeze.

If you think the squares are beautiful on their own, wait until you see them being sewn together! Well, at least I was extremely amazed at how the sewing helps to stretch and even out the irregularities amongst the various squares.

Right now, the 2 remaining squares are vastly different ... one is the most difficult ("Betty, what were you thinking? Betty uses some techniques that should be banned!" ... a quote from Susan Rainey, the 1st prize winner) while the other is among the easiest. Which one would you leave for the last?

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