Monday, June 04, 2007

GAAA - Only 6 left

With the number of squares left to be knitted getting smaller and smaller, I have to start tackling the more difficult ones. The Kathleen T. Carty Square (a.k.a. 3rd-time-is-the-charm square) is such difficult one:
The way to work this square is you knit the outer square frame back and forth, graft the cast-on stitches with the end stitches to form the square, then pick up stitches along the inside of the square for the center panel. I casted on 3 times for the outer frame. First, I forgot to use chain cast-on for later grafting need; second, I didn't find out my gauge was too large until 2 corners of the square were done. Then, finally I finished the outer frame and was ready for the grafting last night. Again, I didn't succeed until the 3rd time. First, I didn't know how but I got one extra stitch on the cast-on edge, so the alignment of the cables was screwed. Then, at 11:30p.m., I found myself looking at this:
Charming! A real trial of patience!

Before the weekend, I also finished the Dagmara Berztiss Square, which I consider one of the most beautiful ones in the set. The central theme is the designer's interpretation of the Latvian moon cross:

Now, I only have 6 more left ... amongst which 3 promise to be quite difficult! I think I'll take a little break from the afghan and tackle my Sockapalooza socks this week ... I don't want to fail my pal.


hege said...

Great perseverance! Sometimes things just get twisted :) Both beautiful squares, though. Only six more, go Agnes!

twig said...

Call me weird but my favorite picture on today's post is the middle one. *laugh* Granted it would be a pain in the neck tp put in an afghan, but I do like the look of it.

Debi said...

So close!! This is gonna be so amazing Agnes!

Rebekah said...

Wow, they sure are beutiful. Like a ditz recently I rushed to buy what I thought was this pattern. Turns out it was something completely different. The Great American AFghan Project. CUte, but not exactly this fabulous project. I'm stillk eeping my eyes open for a pattern though, because your squares are beyond gorgeous!

Mimi said...

Oh that looks so difficult! These days I can only handle easy knits! It will be so exciting to see you finish all the squares.