Thursday, May 31, 2007

GAAA - Janet Martin Square

I just want to say ... you guys are really amazingly encouraging! I am a sampler afghan freak ... love them and think they are just beautiful. But you know, afghans take a long time to make ... and sampler afghans need just more work because of the seaming and finishing. So, chronicling the progress can be quite a drag. It is just surprising to have so much positive response. Thank you.

With all of you as the enablers, I managed to turn out another square:
This is a really lovely and beautiful design. The idea was based on Aran designs' link to fishermen: "I caught my fish in a net and added a couple of ropes since no fisherman would go out in a boat without a rope." Can you find all the elements mentioned? Very cute, isn't it? Very meaningful too.

Now, see this:
I totally stole this from dogged. It is good enough to hold a complete ball of Wool Ease. With this, I can knit from the centre of the ball and the mesh bag keep the yarn ball from collapsing out of shape ... the only drawback is if I have to rip, I need to rewind the yarn. I got 2 because the cherry tomatoes were on sale ... buy one get one free ... :D


twig said...

What a neat idea to hold yarn!

Love the square! Was it a lot of work? It looks complicated.

Debi said...

Only an knitter would understand buying extra veggies for the knitting accessories!

This afghan will be breathtaking Agnes, every square is simply stunning!

Dipsy said...

This afghan is going to be a real piece of art! I can only begin to imagine what kind of a job it's going to be to sew all the pieces together, but it will be highly worth it! And these squares, the patterns themselves, are so gorgeous!

Mimi said...

It's a lot fun to knit the afghan squares. Every knitted piece turns into a FO!:)

Opal said...

What a great way to make yarn bras! Unfortunately I've only seen loose tomatoes here. *pout*

Now is it just me, or does that fish look like a sideways pineapple? Either way, it's another gorgeous square. You are doing so well with this afghan!

hege said...

Oh, the seaming! That's the hard part :) I really love this square, it's so unique!

Ria said...

I'd say that when the afghan is being done in squares, especially when it's a sampler afghan so all the squares are different, posting progress pictures makes it all the more interesting, because we can see all the little details before the huge finished product.

Knittinreed said...

The afghan squares are beautiful! Each and every one.
I love those little mesh bags - handy and free :-)

Rebekah said...

Once again, love the square! I want to make a sampler afghan myself, but am a little dismayed by the finishing. Although I'm thinking of doing an entrelac, or a log cabin, something, just not sure what. Still playing around with the idea.

what a great yarn holder idea! Even if it wasn't yours to begin with :-)