Tuesday, May 01, 2007

GAAA - Hanna Burns Square

Since Husband has been obsessed with playing online games lately, we stayed home most of the time during weekends. The past weekend has been the same ... and this means lots of time fore knitting ... and other things. :D

First, I made a Quiche Lorraine with everything from scratch, including the pastry shell, for the first time:
As it turned out, the pastry shell is extremely easy to make with a food processor. I am going to experiment with other ingredients.

I am about 15 rows away from finishing the first sleeve for the Sashiko Jacket, but I think I will need to improvise a bit to lengthen the sleeve. The picture should wait until I finish, don't you think?

To keep the progress of the Great American Aran Afghan project, I try making at least one square every week. This is the latest one:
Another DNA-look-alike square, interesting!

Then this finally came:
Afer waiting for it for so long, I am dying to start Hanami ... but wait, Victorian Ruby is still not finished! *sigh*

Besides, I still have loads of pictures waiting to be uploaded to my photo blog! another bigger *sigh*


Jenn said...

All you can do is sigh when hobbies become like chores. Can't complain - they're still too much fun - but sighing, yeah.

Joan said...

Are you having any trouble getting all the squares to be the same size or have you done some restarting? This afghan is in my queue but I was concerned about that since each designer knits differently. Yours are gorgeous!

Debi said...

Hanami will be lovely in that yarn - it reminds me of my original FPS yarn, the rose garden handmaiden lace silk.

I love that square but I have no idea how you can cope with so many WIPs!

Dipsy said...

Oh yummy, your Quiche Lorraine must have tasted so delicious! My stomach howled out loud when I/it saw that pic! I really love the square that you did, gorgeous pattern!

Alison said...

The quiche looked yummy! And so does that yarn! Beautiful!

Opal said...

That quiche looks divine. Mmm! I think the Hanami will look stunning in that yarn. What is that yarn anyway? It looks like silk. Mmm mmm!

Lana said...

That yarn is gorgeous! I think it's perfect for giving a little more three-dimensionality to Hanami.

Anyway, just stopping by to say hi to a fellow Sockapaloozer. I aim to visit each blog on the list at least once.