Thursday, April 05, 2007

Real test of perseverance

I can still remember the agony of working the edging for the Sampler Stole. But if I said that was the Great-Wall-of-China-long edging, I was just being ignorant then. This here is the length measurement for FPS ... pre-blocked:
And oh yes, it's going to be worse that the Sampler Stole, not just because of the much longer length, but also because it's a purely seed stitch edge! It took me 8-9 weeks to complete the body of the stole ... but I wouldn't be surprised if the edging takes longer! Well, hopefully not.

Yet, I thinking I am going to take a short break from this and work on something which may give more instant (in comparative terms) satisfaction ... like socks? or aran squares for my afghan?

I have to thank you all for pointing out to me that Juliette is a Finnish pattern. And it is just funny (thanks to Deb)to find out I feel exactly the same way as Stephenie about deciphering a knitting pattern in a foreign language ("I believed that if I really made an effort. I could read Finnish.") The only difference is that I haven't really tried yet ... so I am still entitled to that belief! Right? ;)


twig said...

*laugh* If you suddenly are able to read Finnish you'll be my hero.

Good luck with finishing of the FPS. I agree a break is in order.

Opal said...

I am not looking forward to doing the border of the FPS. I enjoy working on it, but the border? A test of perseverance indeed! Good luck though, I know you can battle your way through it!

Amy said...

Good luck with that border--it's a rough one! For me, anyway, the unique way it's attached to the side of the shawl helped with the interest factor. I loved pulling those long loops through.

Your stole is going to be stunning!

Laura.Y said...

ah.. the moss sts.. it's quite a pain but it's so pretty when done. *cheers you on!

Francesca said...

The Forest Path Stole is stunning. Keep going with the border, girl!

Mimi said...

Oh I can imagine the pain to knit long borders! You deserve a break, but I am sure you will be able to finish it soon.