Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Monkey Socks are finally ... finally done! So, the pair felt like taking ages to finish. Now that's a mystery ... I love the pattern (it's fun and easy to remember) and I like the yarn (more about that later) plus I only made 4 repeats for the leg instead of 6 ... but the knitting just felt like never-ending ...

Anyway, I am happy that they are done now as it is always a happy moment to have new socks to wear, don't you think? In response to Claudia's sock randomness, I told her that surprisingly, wool socks have much more use than cotton socks here in California. During the in-between seasons, like now, the temperature may be warm enough for thin summer wear, the feet, well my feet at least, however, are always cold when the day starts. So, ever since I have made wool socks for myself, I can have socks to warm the feet. Then, when the real summer heat sets in, socks, wool or cotton, are out of the question.

Pattern: Monkey designed by Cookie A. from Winter 2006 Knitty
The 11-row pattern repeat is surprisingly easy to memorize, so the knitting process has been smooth. Instead of the stocking stitch heel flap, I made the slipped stitch version since I like the cushy feeling. Other than this and the leg length, no other significant modification. However, I do notice that the pattern doesn't come out too well as I wanted it to. So I think a more subtle colourway would do a better job in bringing out the pattern.

Yarn: Crystal Palace Panda Cotton (55% Bamboo, 24% Cotton, 21% Elastic Nylon) Col: 9809 Fall Herbs
This new bamboo/cotton sock yarn is cool. By cool, I mean the physical sensation on my feet. Every time I tried the sock on, I could just feel this coolness on the foot. And unlike Fixation, the socks made from Panda Cotton are light ... so a lot more comfortable to wear than the heavy cotton elastic Fixation. If you look at the sole of the socks, you'll see that it would be good even with just plain socking stitch (which I should done at the beginning) ... not a hint of pooling!

Needles: Crystal Palace bamboo dpns US1.5

Cast on: 03-26-2007
Cast off: 04-24-2007

Seeing that Cara was having so much fun with the mosaic filter, I couldn't help playing a bit too:
Mmm ... I like smaller tiles! ;)


Debi said...

The socks are very very cute and they look sooo comfy!

Joanna said...

Pretty pretty socks! (And I like that mosaic picture too, it looks like water colors. :))

Knittinreed said...

Love your Monkeys! I also enjoyed knitting mine - and, yes I also felt like they took a long time although they probably didn't. Go figure!

Your other projects are fabulous - Forest Path Stole - Oh MY!

Crystal Palace Yarns said...

Great looking socks! Fall Herbs is one of my favorite colors in our yarns.

I've just linked to your from our CPY blog, too.

Thanks for enjoying our yarn! We are adding a new 82% corn fiber sock yarn for Fall, "Maizy". A little finer than Panda Cotton, similar structure.

If you'd like a pair of Maizy balls to test, let me know and we'll put you on the list to get samples early.

Susan at Crystal Palace

hege said...

Your Monkey socks are great! You have some very well dressed feet! :)

twig said...

That's a great colorway to cheer you up on a dreary spring day. Great job.

Lucy said...

Lovely Monkey socks - I really must knit a pair myself!! Happy Knitting!