Monday, April 09, 2007

GAAA - Marian Tabler Square

This will just be a quick post. Originally, I planned to finish the Monkey socks over the weekend. However, on Saturday when I took up the sock, I could only find 4 needles. Where was the fifth one? It was nowhere to be found. Thinking I only had one set of such needles (US1.5), I had to work on something else. And of course, last night I found out, with much dismay at myself, that I actually had 2 sets!

Anyway, I made another square for the Great American Aran Afghan:
This is the Marian Tabler Square. Do the center 2 panels resemble those DNA graphics? I found myself more capable of getting the right gauge than at the beginning. I am even able to do so with the size of needle specified in the pattern! Less re-starting means more motivation to work. ;) But I think my row gauge is off ... instead of 81 rows, I only needed 71 rows to get the 12".

To get things keep going, I already casted on for the next square ... this is the best strategy to avoid second sock syndrome or stalling projects.

BTW, anyone knows what's happening to MagKnits? I have been looking forward to seeing the new issue since April Fool's Day ... yet nothing is happening so far!


Debi said...

That square is really intricate and pretty!

Finish the Monkey socks, I'm dying to know what you think of the Panda!

opportunityknits said...

I lost one dpn and I'm knitting my sock with the remaining 4 :) You've finished another great cable square just like that!

opportunityknits said...

Oh, I just realised that my bloglines didn't pick up your 2 previous posts - I love Juliet too!

Laura.Y said...

I like the Marian Table Square, pretty classic :) haha casting on fast is a good strategy. :)

janine said...

Another pretty square- thye are all so nice. As for Magknits, I'm not quite sure why it is late, I do know that Kerrie has a lot on her plate at the moment having just had a little baby girl.