Thursday, April 19, 2007

GAAA - Barbara Selesnick Square ... and new lace!

Thank you thank you thank you ... for sharing with me the joy of finishing a beautiful project. It seems that even the weather is working with me here. Instead of getting more and more summery, it has been breezy and chilly ... just the right time for a nice stole. :)

It is just interesting that things always seem to slow down a bit after the completion of a big project. Though my hands were not completely idle, I did take time with my knitting of Monkey. I am now at the heel of the second sock ... given that the Panda Cotton is s little bit thicker than fingering weight, I guess it should be done soon.

Yet, I am still in the mood for some lace knitting. The yarn I planned for Hanami hasn't arrived yet, so I dug into my stash to start something I have had in mind for a long time:

This is the left border of Victorian Ruby designed by Jane Sowerby. It was one of the very first lace projects I wanted to make when I started knitting. After this first border, it would be a long stretch of dropped stitch pattern before the right border ... so perfect for tv knitting. My original intent for this scarf is a gift ... though it is highly unlikely that my giftee would read my blog, let's still keep it secret.

Oh yes, another aran square for the afghan:

This is the 7th square completed. I am highly motivated to finish this afghan during summer because I have decided to make it a gift. Who wouldn't love to have a warm gift like this? :D


opportunityknits said...

This afghan will be a great gift. I can imagine the recipient cuddled up and enjoying each intricate square. It will be pure fun, just gazing at all the different cables!

Desiknitter said...

Hey, I recognize that lace! Nice colour too. I made the same scarf a couple of years ago in a bright blue brooks farm mohair. what yarn are you using? i hope it's not mohair, because my yarn has shed and got so frazzled that it totally obscures the lace pattern. But it was great to make and I wore it a lot!

Desiknitter said...

Sorry for the double comment, but I just enlarged the lace photo and saw that you have a provisional cast on with waste yarn along the side. Why is that? The reason I ask is I did the same, according to the pattern but then realised that she simply meant a chain cast on with the same yarn, and ended up frogging. It's a vague memory, though, but I thought I should mention it, don't mean to confuse you!

emy said...

The lacework is gorgeous! Care to help me rip mine? :)

Opal said...

Oooh! I love the Victorian Ruby. It's coming along so nicely! As is your afghan!

hege said...

Wow, you are just knitting and knitting! Beautiful afghan square! What a great gift that will be.
And beautiful lace!

Dipsy said...

I feel like you when it comes to slowing down after completing a big projects - I always feel the time's perfect then for working a bit on socks, and then heading on over to something new and bigger again ;)
Your lace work is so beautiful, and what a gorgeous afghan square - this is going to be the perfect gift indeed!

letti said...

wow, what intricate designs! That's really beautiful, the aran square for the afghan. Can't wait to see the finished product! It will be beautimus! As for the kitties, yes, we're keeping them, but we will need to build another cattery behind the house for them. :)