Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday ramblings

First of all, I really really have to thank you all ladies who offered your help concerning my camera. I finally figured out how to format the memory stick from the camera. So, I got my disk space back. Such problem never happened before ... so I did a little investigation. And I discovered that if I delete the files from the Mac OS, the camera doesn't recognize the delete and so the disk space remains the same. I have yet to find out if this happens when I delete from Windows.

Something good and something not so good happened over the weekend. Besides recovering the camera's disk space, one other good thing includes finishing the Traveller's Socks:
I'll be able to show you that once they are dry from blocking. Another good thing came in the mail:
Shouldn't I feel spoiled? Another lovely gift from another generous knitter-blogger ... Peggy ... who celebrated the 10,000th visits to her blog ... which happened to be made by me! Woo hoo! Thank you very much, Peggy!

Now comes the not so good thing:
Does Crystal Palace have a life-time guarantee for their needles as Denise?


opportunityknits said...

oh so sad to see the broken dpn :(

Opal said...

The sock looks so enticing. I can't wait to get a better look.

You're poor DPN. :-(

Debi said...

Glad you straightened out your camera issues. Also glad you finished the travellers socks, now you can use some of your new yarn :)

If you visit the Crystal Palace website there is a contact email addy...I wrote to them and told them I broke a DPN while knitting and they sent me a replacement (two needles, not a new set!) It was really nice that they do that!

Elspeth said...

How sad! I haven't found it easy to get a replacement out of Crystal Palace, at least not as easily as Brittany (love them!), but good luck!

marirob said...

Sorry about your needle! I hope they will replace it. The Regia yarn is so beautiful, I hope you make some comfy socks for yourself!